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Forging Structural Steels Plates Pipes and Tubes
Manifold Blocks Alloy Steels Bright Bars Fittings
Castings Industrial Steels Metal Testing and NDT Service Scrab Supply


We specialize in stocking & exporting all kinds of fittings & flanges & have the entire range of Pipes, Tubes, Plates, Sheets, Strips, Round Bar, Pipe Fittings, Tube Fittings, Flanges, Wire, Fasteners, etc. As per National / International Standards & Specification i.e.

Monel 400 (UNS No. N04400), Monel 500 (UNS No. N05500).

Concentric Pipe Reducer Monel Pipe Fittings Monel Elbow
Monel Tee Monel Cap Monel Stubend
Monel Reducer Monel Nipple Monel Flanges
Monel Blind Flanges Monel Weld Neck Flanges Monel Socket Weld Flanges
Monel Reducing Flanges Monel Lap Joint Flanges Monel Screwed Flanges
Monel Forged Fittings Monel Forged Tee Monel Union
Monel Cross Monel Coupling Monel Insert
Monel Bushing Monel Olets Monel Weldolet
Monel Elbowlet Monel Threadolet Monel Nippolet
Monel Sweepolet Monel Latrolet Monel 400 Olets
Monel 400 Weldolet Monel 400 Sockolet Monel 400 Threadolet
Monel 400 Sweepolet Monel 400 Nippolet Monel 400 Letrolet
Monel K500 Olets Monel K500 Weldolet Monel K500 Threadolet
Monel K500 Nippolet Monel K500 Elbowlet Monel K500 Flanges
Monel K500 Blind Flanges Monel K500 Slip On Flanges Monel K500 Weld Neck Flangess

Our Main Concern - NABL Laboratory