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We specialize in stocking & exporting all kind of PIPES (SEAMLESS, ERW, EFsW, SAW), TUBES, PIPE FITTINGS, FLANGES & PLATES in Carbon / Alloy / Nickel Alloy & Stainless grades.

Grades & Specification :-
ASME SA213 Grade T11/T-11, T12/T-12, T22/T-22, T91, T-92, T5/T-5, T9/T-9, T1/T-1
ASME SA335 Grade P1, P2, P5, P7, P9, P11, P12, P22, P91, P92
SA671 Grade CA55, CB60, CB65, CB70, CC60, CC65, CC70, CD70, CD80
SA672 Grade A45, SA672 Grade A50, SA672 Grade A55
SA672 Grade B55, SA672 Grade B60, SA672 Grade B65, SA672 Grade B70
SA672 Grade C55, SA672 Grade C60, SA672 Grade C65, SA672 Grade C70
SA672 Grade D70, SA672 Grade D80
SA672 Grade L65, SA672 Grade L70, SA672 Grade L75

Alloy Steel IBR Tube A213 GR. T91 IBR Tube A213 GR. T22 IBR Tube
A213 GR. T12 IBR Tube A213 GR. T9 IBR Tube A213 GR. T5 IBR Tube
A213 GR. T11 IBR Tube T91 IBR Tube T22 IBR Tube
T12 IBR Tube T9 IBR Tube T5 IBR Tube
Inconel Tubes Inconel ERW Tubes SA 213 Gr. T9 Tube
SA 213 Gr. T5 Tube SA 213 Gr. T11 Tube SA 213 Gr. T12 Tube
SA 213 Gr. T22 Tube SA 213 Gr. T91 Tube T9 Tube
T5 Tube T11 Tube T12 Tube
T22 Tube T91 Tube Alloy 20 Tubes
Alloy Steel Tube Inconel Alloy 600 Tubes Alloy Pipes
Inconel 400 & Alloy Steel Pipe Alloy Steel T9, T12, T91, T5 Tubes Alloy Steel Tubing
ASTM A213 Tubing ASTM A213 T5 Tube A213 T11 Tube
A213 T22 Tube A213 T9 Pipe ASTM A213 T22 Tube
A213 T91 Tube ASTM A213 T9 Tube SA 213 GR T22 Tube
A213 T5 Tube Boiler Tubes

Our Main Concern - NABL Laboratory